We are a husband and wife team. We love working together and make a great pair. We have been working together for 6 years. I tend to be the soft spoken one and he helps me get everyone in order. We have two beautiful children and have been married for 12 years. Our marriage and lives are based on a relationship with Jesus Christ and we love capturing the special moments God has given to us!

“I started really having a passion for photography in high school. We went on a lot of great family vacations as a teenager and I wanted to document them. Especially being a mom now, I want to capture all the moments in my children’s lives so they can someday share them with their kids.” ~ Sarah

“Being married to a photographer I had no choice! When you are around something for so long you become accustom to it.” ~ Barry

“I started off taking photos with my Canon Rebel 35mm film camera in high school, I taught myself a lot of techniques. I loved graphic design as well so I enrolled in the local Career & Technical School where I furthered my education in photography and design. I started my business just a few years ago and have learned so much from other photographers, YouTube and books. Every day I learn something
new!” ~ Sarah

“Seeing my wife leave weekend after weekend to shoot weddings grew tiresome and I grew lonely. So I figured that the only way to see her more is to learn how to use the camera. To be honest it didn’t take too long. Call me a fast learner. Please go on and call me that. Once my wife saw that I was able to pick it up so fast she asked me to join her team. By learning the camera and a natural ability to converse with clients Sarah and I have been a great fit! ~ Barry

“I love capturing the details on a wedding day…the smiles of children…the laughter of a family playing together. I love the friendships that are made. Barry and I become almost instant friends with families or bride and grooms. It’s so neat to see the families grow too. I also love photographing weddings and being able to join in the celebration of a couples most important day!” ~ Sarah

“The instant gratification that is a direct result of capturing a moment is such a rush. I love the ability to lock events in time through my camera. Marriage is a important covenant to me, I always enjoy seeing the love between a new bride and groom. It is a breath of fresh air!” ~ Barry